SURFR™ incorporates geophysical and socioeconomic spatial data to produce a holistic risk index which can be used to identify risk-prone zones within your community. With SURFR™, you can identify and address flood risks before they pose a tangible threat.

Why Choose SURFR™?

SURFR™ provides a more holistic, thorough and equitable risk assessment than other metrics such as FEMA flood maps.

Protect your community by comparing SURFR index values for risk management zones (RMZs) across your management area.

SURFR™ is a relative risk index that ranges from 0 to 100 for every management area. It takes into account a comprehensive suite of factors, including impervious surfaces, population density, flow accumulation models, and more.

In our extended analytics premium reports, you can explore the score for every risk component in your SURFR™ index used in our algorithms.

Why Choose SURFR™?
What you Get with Simplified SURFR™

What you Get with Simplified SURFR™

Our free version of SURFR® includes a basic index map with a list of protective features which:

  • Allows you to elevate your community by empowering actionable change

  • Provides instant, easy-to-understand access to your city’s risk & resilience

  • Incorporates social equity & geophysical parameters, going beyond FEMA risk projections

Simplified SURFR™ also includes a summary of each of the components incorporated into the index and why it matters to your community.

Why Upgrade to SURFR™ Premium?

SURFR™ index maps are free, but risk component breakdowns, raw data maps, and advanced analytics are available only through our SURFR Premium Report.

  • Comparisons across your project using RMZs of your choice: census tracts, modeled watershed basins, grids or custom solutions

  • Interactive maps with dashboard analysis of every RMZ

  • Advanced analytics with expert insight

  • Integration of your GIS data and stormwater plans

  • Future integration with Terrapin AI™ for real-time, data-driven risk modeling

  • Customized pricing based on city size

Why Upgrade to SURFR™ Premium?
Explore Your Risk Factors

Explore Your Risk Factors

Our SURFR™ Premium Report allows you to view and compare the component factors that comprise your total risk profile.

  • Where are my risks concentrated?

  • How are my risk factors related to each other?

  • How do results compare to FEMA maps?

Answer all of this with SURFR™.

Data for Any City, Big or Small

Every community can benefit from better understanding its flood risk factors and how they vary over the landscape.

Our SURFR™ Premium Reports allow you to partition your management area into risk management zones (RMZs), which may be census tracts, watershed basins, sewersheds, regular grids, or custom spatial areas.

In addition to the SURFR™ index and component indices, StormSensor® also provides maps of all spatial data used, including both physical flood risk factors and socioeconomic vulnerability factors. SURFR™ index factors include high-resolution spatial data for elevation, slope, flow accumulation, distance from surface water, sea level rise projections (for coastal areas), population density, and median household income.

Data for Any City, Big or Small

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