Named after the small plates that make up turtle shells, our Scute™ sensors are economic solution that track conditions within your stormwater system in real-time. Features include:
  • Ultrasonic depth sensor
  • Ultrasonic doppler velocity sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • IsWet meter to save battery power during dry conditions
  • Wireless data transmission every 5 minutes via machineQ’s LoRa network


Scute™ sensors send data to StormSensor’s cloud-based Terrapin™ dashboard every 5 minutes so you always know how your system is performing. Terrapin™ features include:
  • Map and time-series data views
  • Correlated real-time weather data
  • Real-time alerts for flow events affecting your system
  • Real-time tracking of battery life and connectivity
  • Unlimited logins: make sharing easy by providing administrative or read-only access to an unlimited number of partners

StormSensor Network Packages

Our system is a streamlined, comprehensive approach to monitor stormwater. Each plate on a turtle’s shell is called a “scute,”  and they all come together to form a protective layer. No turtle could be covered by just one scute, and no city is effectively monitored with just one sensor. This is the inspiration behind our Scute Sensors™ and Terrapin™ network.
  • Designed and priced to be deployed in networks
  • Access data and insights through the Terrapin™ dashboard 24/7
  • All-in-one, fully scalable solution
  • Easy to deploy

Leasing and Buying Options

Multi-sensor network and software packages starting under $5,000


Package Pricing

No endless catalogs. No need for middlemen. Just specify the size of your project, and StormSensor has you covered. Every network package includes:

  • Scute Sensors™
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Telemetry + Datalogger
  • Network Gateway(s)
  • Cloud-based Terrapin™ software
  • Ongoing I.T. Support

Mobile App

Mobile App

Wireless Sensors

Wireless Sensors

Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

Cloud Based Data

Cloud Based Data

  • Installs quickly
  • Installs quickly

    per unit

  • Cost-competitve
  • Cost-competitve


  • Analytics, telemetry included
  • Analytics, telemetry included

    and I.T. support

More Data, Actionable Insights, Better Management. StormSensor has you covered.

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