StormSensor Inspector and Supervisor software packages integrate with any smartphone or tablet to automate and simplify the inspection, field, and regulatory reporting workflow while providing on-demand weather and data visualization.


Implement a maintenance program and automate the workflow associated with stormwater infrastructure inspections. Repair or cleaning needed? You'll know right away!

Autopopulate Site Info

Site metadata auto-populates upon arrival to each catch basin. Each catch basin is preset within a standard form, customized to your needs.

Review Inspection History

Take a look at what happened in past inspections. Identify trends and problem areas, and focus efforts only on areas of the site that need it.

Receive Notifications

In the event a cleaning or repair is required, you receive a notification via text message or email. No more sorting through pages of handwritten notes.

We Make It Easy

From residential properties and commercial lots, to large industrial facilities and public right-of-ways, every catch basin needs to be inspected at least once a year. Identify infrastructure issues quickly and avoid costly fines and lawsuits.

StormSensor | Inspector helps you track your inspections, and it can show you the results of all past inspections entered into your database, created detailed inspection reports, and help you focus your efforts—and money—on the areas that need it most.


Track weather events, log and analyze your monitoring data, create reports, and meet permit requirements for all of your public and private NPDES-permitted facilities.

Autopopulate Site Info

Site metadata auto-populates upon arrival to each monitoring point. Each monitoring point is preset within a standard form tailored to your needs.

Review Visualizations

Intuitive, dynamic data visualizations presented on your Supervisor dashboard give you instant insights into what’s happening at your sites.

Real-Time Notifications

Get emails every time a permit exceedance occurs, and receive text or email alerts if it’s raining at your sites. StormSensor keeps you prepared.

We Make It Easy

StormSensor | Supervisor provides municipalities, construction companies, industrial facilities, and your consultants with the tools you need to quickly and easily maintain compliance with NPDES permits at the local, state, and federal level.

Data collected at each of your sites and from each monitoring point can be aggregated, downloaded, and evaluated in permit-specific formats to identify trends—and allow you to track, predict, and prevent stormwater pollution.

StormSensor is also developing hardware to enable you to collect and evaluate site data in real time. Contact us if you're interested in participating in a pilot test.

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StormSensor's TerrapinTM network provides an affordable and practical sensor solution to monitor how--and where--billions of gallons move through our stormwater infrastructure on a daily basis.

Coming Soon 2018

Our cost-effective sensor network can be strategically deployed throughout a stormwater system to detect temperature and flow under almost all conditions on a continuous basis, providing data on many of the critical questions facing managers today.

Contact us to learn more about our upcoming TerrapinTM launch, or if you are interested in running a pilot.

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