Imagine H20 Urban Water Challenge: We’re Finalists!

We are so excited—and honored—to announce that we are finalists in Imagine H20’s 2019 Urban Water Challenge!

Excerpts from the {press release}:

Imagine H2O and Founding Partners Bluewater and 11th Hour Racing have announced the 2019 finalists of the Urban Water Challenge, a global deployment program for entrepreneurs reimagining a water-resilient future. Over 220 startups from 38 countries applied to the Challenge representing a diverse range of innovative solutions to the global water crisis – from on-site pollution control to off-grid safe drinking water supply. Imagine H2O’s Evaluation Committee selected six businesses from five different countries to be honored at World Water Week in Stockholm.

“With a quarter of the world’s population of 7.7 billion people wondering where their next drink of water is coming from, the planet already is coping with a water crisis,” said Anders Jacobson, Bluewater President. “It will only get worse as the UN projects that global demand will exceed supply by 40 percent in 2030. We are excited about the innovative solutions that have been developed by the finalists of our second annual Urban Water Challenge.

“This group of global entrepreneurs shows what is possible for a water-secure future.”

Erin Rothman, StormSensor CEO deploying a StormSensor Network in Jersey City, NJ


The funds from the award will go toward a field deployment of each company’s technology. StormSensor has selected Jersey City, NJ, one of our first customers, as a partner for this study. Jersey City is like many other coastal communities facing triple threats of increasing rain, tide, and flood levels. To add to that, their infrastructure system, like  that of many historical cities, is mainly combined,  so  as rain or incoming tides overwhelm the system, raw sewage discharges to local waters, adding an additional public and environmental health concern. To date, most information we have regarding these issues is modeled, and most of those models rely on old data from disparate sources. Solutions to these issues are sited and built based on these models, and billions of dollars (not to mention lives and properties) are at stake if these estimations are incorrect.

StormSensor deploys affordable, easy-to-use networks of cloud-connected sensors and real-time analytics to deliver the local, empirical insights that city managers need.

We have deployed our data network in several sewer systems across the U.S., we are excited for this opportunity to expand Jersey City’s network and develop more advanced analytics that offer even more insight and assistance to those facing the ever-growing challenge of managing urban waters.



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