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Are you looking for a job that goes beyond maintenance mode programming? At StormSensor, you’ll have a voice design, architecture, and implementation. We’re looking for someone dedicated to doing what is takes to help our customers. Stormwater experience isn’t necessary, but you do need to someone who’s comfortable rising up to meet new challenges. As a small team with local and remote members, we’re looking for someone with stellar communication skills. Being able to explain technical work to environmental engineers, sales people, scientists with PhDs, and customers is all part of the job.

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  • Strong written and verbal communication skills (it’s so important we listed it twice).
  • Experience—you’ve built, shipped, and supported a lot of code.
  • Ability to collaborate with people of different experience levels
  • Comfortable writing code, dealing with databases, handling CI, and doing whatever else it takes to deliver value.
  • Ability to chat up customers womdering about API’s—you can also build a data model, write well-tested code, and deploy to production (sometimes all on the same day).
  • Adhere to a best-practices, no-surprises level of coding
  • Ability to make mistakes, fix mistakes, and bounce back with minimal damage to ego.


  • You have good understanding of how time works. Calculating time, manipulating time, timezones, handling UTC/Epoch time, and applying that all to data.
  • Data modeling is a strong skill of yours. Everything we’re doing is new and fresh. Know how to write it correctly the first time, and how to adjust models as you get more domain expertise.
  • You hold a strong understanding of mutability/immutability, idempotence, streams, asynchronous design. You know what side-effects are, and how to minimize them.
  • You are extremely fluent in Java / JVM languages, but you can work in whatever language is best for the task.


  • Java – Spring Boot, Gradle 5+, jOOQ, Lombok, Jackson, ModelMapper.
  • Testing – AssertJ, RestAssured, Mockito, Awaitility.
  • Database – MySQL/Postgres, complex queries, Flyway ETL and migrations, Influx/Timescale time series.
  • Docker – Compose, building images, publishing images.
  • AWS – VPC, RDS, EC2, Route53, Beanstalk, S3, Fargate, Lambda.
  • CI/CD – Jenkins, Groovy, Nexus/Artifcatory, EFK, Grafana/Prometheus/InfluxDB.
  • DevOps – Ansible, Terraform, Linux scripting, RabbitMQ, Credential management.


  • Monthly health insurance stipend
  • Unlimited paid vacation time
  • Both remote and onsite work available
  • Conference budget
  • Passionate, collaborative and awesome co-workers


If you’ve got the skills and are interested in joining a great team, we’d love to learn more about you. Submit you resume and CV to Erin Rothman at

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