Catch basin sediment accumulation

Getting Dirty with Our Catch Basins

The amount of sediment and debris generated during rainfall is substantial. More than you can imagine, and certainly more than I ever thought possible. The graphic and summary included herein is based on a study completed by Mineart & Singh in 1994, and it—as well as other similar studies—is summarized in this white paper prepared for the Association of Washington Cities and Washington Department of Ecology in 2013. Read more

StormSensor Inspector makes preventative storm system maintenance easy

Preventative Storm System Maintenance is Easy!

A lot of stormwater service providers and property managers talk about creating – or running – preventative maintenance programs for their customers. But few actually implement them because of concerns about the time and effort required to set it up. With our software, it’s a breeze. And with this post, you can see why it’s worth it—to you, and to your bottom line.

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Erin Rothman interviewed by Pat O'Brian

Erin Rothman Interviewed on Business Rockstars

Pat O'Brian interviews StormSensor CeO and Co-Founder Erin Rothman! Check out the full interview to hear Erin's thoughts on perseverance, inspiration, and entrepreneurship.

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Erin announces StormSensor Inspector launch

StormSensor Kicks Off Sales operations with Launch of StormSensor | Inspector Software.

Seattle B2B SaaS startup introduces an automation platform that saves stormwater compliance customers more than 50% on every project

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StormSensor Inspector Demo

StormSensor | Inspector Demo

StormSensor | Inspector helps you track your project status, streamline your schedule, and tells you the results of any of your inspections immediately. Take a look at our 2-minute software demo and see how much easier your work can get! Not to mention the opportunities that abound for setting up ongoing maintenance programs for your properties or your customers. We’ll get you on your way!

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UW Bothell Team

StormSensor Sponsors UW Engineering 2017 Senior Capstone

We are honored and excited to announce our sponsorship of a team of brilliant undergraduate engineers at University of Washington’s Bothell campus to develop a self-healing network that monitors stormwater flow, temperature, and pressure in real time... Read more

Summary of nine pollutants common in stormwater

Stormwater Contamination - What's Really in There

Take a look at the primary chemicals identified in stormwater and where they come from. We summarize the type, source, and characteristics of nine pollutants common in stormwater and give you the tools you need to recognize and minimize their releases. Which means that you get.

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Contaminated stormwater affect many aspects of our lives.

How Stormwater Affects You!

Many of us don’t realize the impacts that stormwater has on each of us – but it affects so many aspects of our lives. The contamination in the water forces cities to close our beaches, makes it unsafe to fish or swim after storms, destroys ecosystems and affects economies based on those ecosystems, and makes it very expensive to treat our water.

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Four key recommendations for evaluating the impacts of polluted stormwater

Fixing Stormwater

Stormwater was recently recognized as the no. 1 cause of water pollution in urban areas. As such we’ve started researching the economic, social, and environmental impacts of contaminated stormwater to our lives. Taking a fresh look at the industry, researchers have identified four key recommendations, and StormSensor adds suggestions of our own.

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