Did you know stormwater is the number one source of pollution in urban areas? And flooding continues to put our communities at risk. Yet, we have very limited data on how stormwater infrastructure truly functions. That’s why StormSensor created the Terrapin™ network to generate a holistic assessment of water moving through our urban watersheds.

By creating a network of low-cost sensors, StormSensor provides a stream of real-time data you can access via our intuitive dashboard. There’s no need for site visits, monitoring, note taking, and transcription. In fact, StormSensor’s proprietary analytics not only present data in comprehensive charts; they also predict high-risk locations where flooding, heat islands, illicit discharges, CSS, and storm surges are likely to occur. StormSensor provides private and municipal water managers with access to a broad spectrum of quality data that you can use to make informed decisions for the most effective resource management.

Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration

Water is one of our planet’s most precious resources. To streamline management and promote the health of our communities and waterways, we believe that timely insights and analytics can empower informed and meaningful decisions. With high ethical standards that guide every aspect of our business, we are committed to promoting a great product that provides value to our customers and promotes the stewardship of our planet.


We're a team of environmental consultants, researchers, scientists, and developers.

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At StormSensor, we believe that good decisions are driven by good data. As a team, we're bringing to life solutions that streamline insights for smarter decisions. If you're involved with water infrastructure, then send us a note. Tell us about your challenges and learn more about how we're leveraging new technology to solve old problems.