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Stormwater is the number one cause of water pollution in urban areas. Our customers spend billions trying to keep up with ever-changing regulations to monitor and report stormwater quality at their sites, and every catch basin in the country has to be inspected at least once annually. Today, this is a highly manual process—writing down notes for hundreds of inspection/monitoring points; transposing handwritten field notes to PDF, Excel, and Word; managing hardcopies of site data; reconciling all this information across incompatible software systems by hand; and submitting data to regulators after every monitoring event.

StormSensor is the only stormwater management solution that addresses each of the most basic — and most critical — aspects of the stormwater market by automating the workflow for inspections, data entry, and reporting processes.

Taking the expense, fear, and frustration out of
stormwater compliance.

Our Team

The StormSensor team combines more than a decade of boots-on-the ground, in-field experience in environmental and stormwater consulting with exceptional, high-tech dedication to solving a frustrating problem that we experienced firsthand.

Erin K. Rothman


Over her 13 years of environmental consulting experience, the inherent frustrations of stormwater management have inspired Erin to see the simple in the complex. Founding StormSensor has channeled this creative inspiration and made her realize she just wants to fix it.

Anya Stettler


With 10 years of experience in the tech industry and 6 years coding, Anya makes developer magic happen with a snap of her fingers. She has little patience for inefficiency and catches what Erin misses, streamlining workflow and keeping things simple.

Will Gibbs

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Will is a third-generation mechanical and controls engineer working on systems architecture and the integration of design and technology in devices, products, and businesses. He has worked on utility scale wind turbines, complex aerospace manufacturing robots, and helped small growing businesses with custom software and hardware solutions.

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