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What We Do

  • Track and prevent urban flooding
  • Validate stormwater models
  • Identify illicit discharges and quantify I&I
  • Evaluate BMPs pre- and post-construction
  • Detect and quantify combined sewage overflows
  • Measure impact of sea level rise on infrastructure

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As StormSensor continues to make unprecedented strides toward metering the last unmetered utility, democratizing data, and mitigating climate risk, people are taking notice.

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At StormSensor, we empower our clients to make informed decisions based on real data. Unlike traditional methods that only allow for strategic spot checks, StormSensor provides coverage across your watershed, and you are not limited to one or two months of data. Our powerful analytics, which include real-time alerts and long-term tracking capture relevant insights so you always know how your system is performing.
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