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StormSensor. The only solution that covers all of the most basic—and the most critical—aspects of the stormwater project workflow. From catch basin and site inspections, to permit-related data monitoring and reporting. We have you covered.


Cities and facilities waste millions of dollars every year trying to keep up with ever-changing regulations to monitor and report stormwater quality at their sites. And every catch basin in the country has to be inspected at least once annually. StormSensor makes it easy to manage all of your sites and all of your data in one place, accessible anywhere and at any time. No more binders, files, or incompatible software platforms, and no more exorbitant fees to get this done.


Why StormSensor is the only solution for managing your stormwater project needs



All of your data—and all of your sites—are accessible on all of your devices at any time. StormSensor designed the project dashboard with your site needs in mind, and we make sure everything you want is right there.
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Get alerts when it rains, so you know exactly when to sample. Set and receive alerts when permit limits are exceeded, so you can focus on solving problems—instead of worrying about whether you have them.
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Automatically upload and download site data in .csv, automatically generate DMR reports as you enter site information, and instantly notify your project team, permit manager, or regulator of any deadlines or project requirements.
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